2. Inspired


Joe's designs are distinctly Australian and were originally inspired by his days in the Australian outback as a geologist. He has a love of the natural beauty and colour of Australian native rocks, tree barks and breathtaking landscapes, and has channelled this into artistic interpretations with fabric.

Here are a few examples of how he builds his inspirations into his handwoven fabrics:

Black Opal, Handwoven fabric

The Black Opal

This is Joe's famous Black Opal. You can see how he stays true to his inspiration, and weaves an interesting mix of blues, greens, reds and yellows together.

Each time Joe weaves this fabric he changes the mix of colours and the style of weave to ensure that no two fabric runs are the same.


 Hawkesbury Sandstone, Handwoven fabric

The Hawkesbury Sandstone

Here is another of Joe's Australian inspired fabrics, the "Hawkebury Sandstone". Joe has incorporated the colours and textures of the stone into his fabric to create a perfect casual jacket.