4. Quality


Each of Joe's pieces are hand-made, right from the fabric to the tailoring of the garment. Joe's jackets will become the central part of your wardrobe, the piece that will pull any outfit together, casual or dressy, to ensure you are always well dressed and have style.

Due to the quality of the handwoven fabric, Joe's jackets are both light and long lasting. They are easy to look after, and do not crush (so are great for travel). All you need to do is roll them up and carry in your luggage or under the arm while on a flight.

The Cuts

Joe has two types of standard sizing. His classic fit is his trademark cut in jacket, shirt and trousers, and is focused on being easy-fit and comfortable. It is best suited to be comfortable for the gentleman with a "man's body", and has room around the middle.

Custom Tailoring and Fitting

He has also developed a new cut in the past few years which is slim and sharp, catering for the new wave of well dressed men who prefer the tailored look.

Custom Tailoring 

Of course Joe offers custom tailoring and fitting, so if you are concerned about your size and fit and our size guide does not help you, please choose the 'custom tailored' option in the sizing and we will create one from scratch just for you.