Designer Profile: Joe Bananas

The Present

Today, Kim Bourke and Evan Sturrock are the men behind Joe Bananas and they can be found in either of their stores on a regular basis. By creating their unique and exclusive fabrics, and applying their individual fashion design, Kim and Evan keep Joe Bananas evolving through its fourth decade of success.
Above : Evan Sturrock and Kim Bourke

The Past

Joe Bananas

Joe always described his menswear collection as “enhancing character and complementing to your individual style”

Powerful, individual, relaxed – this sums up the persona of Joe Bananas.

Joe found his way into menswear in the eighties after many successful years as a designer of womenswear. His dynamic ideas for the male fashion arena presented men with a chance to express individuality as an alternative to the stereotype. Formerly a professional geologist, Joe spent a great deal of time in the Australian Outback and this gave him a vast appreciation for the sensations of Australia. This perspective has been translated in his garments through colour and texture. 

By hand weaving fabrics to his own designs, Joe fed his designs with his visions of Australian landscapes, rocks, treebarks and other natural inspirations. As a batik artist, he had a passion for colour and originality which are as striking as they are unique. In December 2012 Joe lost his battle with cancer and his legacy continues on with Kim and Evan.