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Our Handwoven Raw Silk Jackets are expertly tailored for ultimate comfort and style, suitable for any occasion. They can be worn casually with jeans and a t-shirt or combined with a shirt and trousers to dress-up for a more formal occasion. Whatever the setting, a Joe Bananas jacket makes a statement. This is practical sophistication at its finest.

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Raw Silk

Unique - Joe Bananas | Australia


By Evan Sturrock

Each weave in the Joe Bananas Collection is inspired by the abundant beauty of Australia’s natural surroundings: the magnificent colours and textures of our landscape,...

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Handwoven - Joe Bananas | Australia


By Evan Sturrock

Our silk is farmed, skilfully spun and hand woven in-house. Our master weavers spend between 200-300 days carefully weaving on handlooms in our studio, to...

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