Who are we?

We are an Australian Label specialising in classic yet distinctive fashion.
Inspired by nature, and our passion for the Australian way of life, our pieces and collections are as unique as the individuals they are created for.
Established in Sydney, 1977.

Authentically Australian

"We’re inspired by the natural beauty of Australia to create limited edition, hand crafted menswear for the absolute individualist."

Evan Sturrock - Creative Director

The Absolute Individualist

We have never been designers who followed trends or who were shackled by industry norms. We individually create pieces for the individuals who understand that whether it be a Navy Blazer or an Art Series Jacket, fashion trends come and go but style lives forever.


Hand Crafted

All of our garments are hand crafted with the skill and care that we have been known by for over 40 years by our artisans in our studios in Sydney and Singapore.

Our Handwoven Silk Textiles are woven on hand looms, in-house and reveal the hand touch at each stage of their creation.

Evan Sturrock - Creative Director

Meet Evan Sturrock, our Creative Visionary with over 25 years in the industry, who effortlessly marries his creative instincts with an authentically Australian voice.

Each creation reflects the vibrant spirit of Australia, making Joe Bananas your canvas for true Aussie individuality.

Naturally Inspired

Evan finds inspiration in the immense natural beauty of Australia and the places he has visited. He strives to reflect the quintessential Australian way of life in all that he creates.

Each of his signature textiles tells a piece of his Australian story.