Raw Silk Jackets

Authentically Australian, Naturally Inspired and Hand Crafted for the Absolute Individualist. We are world famous for our Handwoven Raw Silk Jackets, inspired by the magnificent colours and textures that surround us. From the Black Opal to iconic landmarks such as Uluru, the beauty of Australia is woven into every fabric, each with a story to tell. No two textiles are ever the same, just like our clients. That’s what makes Joe Bananas so unique. The silk is procured, hand spun, hand dyed and woven by hand in-house at Joe Bananas. On average it takes anywhere between 200-300 days of hand weaving on the loom to create a single tapestry, producing a limited yield of 25-35 yards, which in turn allows for an incredibly limited run (approx. six to seven jackets) to be tailored from each individual weave.