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Nullarbor Sunset

Raw Silk Jacket Inspiration

The Nullarbor Plain (nullus, "no", and arbor, "tree") is part of the area of flat, almost treeless, arid or semi-arid country of southern Australia, located on the Great Australian Bight coast.

The 'Nullarbor Sunset' Raw Silk Jacket takes its inspirations from this arid landscape, utilising the characteristic earthy tones so akin to the Australian outback. The wonderful balance of cool and warm tones in the silk weave creates a compelling contrast, making it a complementary addition to any ensemble.

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 Nullabor Sunset

Nullabor Sunset
100% Handwoven
Raw Silk Jacket

Lining: 100% Silk
Buttons:Spanish Buffalo Horn
Weave time: 214 days
Weave yield: 28.1 yards

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