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NT Goanna Jacket


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NT Goanna

“How do you like your Goanna? Medium? Well Done?”

Mick Dundee


Goannas are one of the world’s oldest Monitor Lizards. Having survived the harsh Australian Continent for a good 15 million years with few predators, given they can even eat venomous snakes, Goannas are found all over Australia, except for in Tasmania.


Up in the Northern Territory is where the big ones live and it is their striped scales which provide the inspiration for this light weight weave. A Mix of Black, White, Olive and Charcoal silk yarns are handwoven into this intricate rope weave. The Joe Bananas NT Goanna is a classic, neutral look.


DRESS IT UP: An all black, charcoal or similar monotone ensemble will achieve the dressiest look for this piece.


DRESS IT DOWN: With colours like burnt orange, sage and tan down below and up top; charcoal, olive, denim, or forest green.


FUN FACT: Goanna fat or oil, was sold amongst early settlers of Australia in a similar way to that of snake oils in the American West.


100% Handwoven Raw Silk
Lining: Bemberg
Buttons: Spanish Buffalo Horn
Weave Time:  263 days
Weave Yield:  33.2 yards


NT Goanna

Fabric#: 1834

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