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Minni Ritchi

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Raw Silk Jacket Inspiration

Minni ritchi is a type of reddish brown bark that continuously peels in small curly flakes, leaving the tree looking like it has a coat of red curly hair. A number of species of Acacia and Eucalyptus have minni ritchi bark.

Brooker and Kleinig (1990) formally described it as a bark type in which "the outer rich, red-brown smooth bark splits both longitudinally and horizontally, the free edges rolling back without completely detaching to expose new green bark beneath".

As part of the Bark collection, the ‘Minni Ritchi Bark’ Raw Silk jacket adopts the stringybark weave, using muted magenta and white silk to emulate the visual effect of the peeling bark. An elegant addition to any wardrobe.

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 Minni Ritchi

Minni Ritchi
100% Handwoven
Raw Silk Jacket

Lining: 100% Silk
Buttons: Coconut Shell
Weave time: 223 days
Weave yield: 30.7 yards

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