The Don T-shirts

Introducing The Don, our lightest weight, most silken cotton tee to date and the first move in a bold new direction for an expanding Joe Bananas collection. To create it, we took a trip to Peru, the home of Tangüis Cotton.

This tee is made from 100% natural fibre, ringspun as a forty singles (40/1). Without getting too technical, this involves a spinning process that softens and straightens each individual Tangüis Cotton fibre ensuring the fabric is smoother and stronger than any other lightweight cotton.

It is a simple, luxurious addition to your Joe Bananas collection, in a refreshing palette of hand-picked colours we know you will love.

Care Note: Delicate fabrics deserve special attention. Cold water hand wash (delicate setting in a machine) the polo preferably on its own or in a garment bag, as the friction of other garments will degrade the luxe finish of the garment over time.

The Don T-shirts - Joe Bananas | Australia
The Don Fuchsia T-shirt - Joe Bananas | Australia
The Don Soft Pink T-shirt - Joe Bananas | Australia
The Don Jacaranda T-shirt - Joe Bananas | Australia