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New Linen Suits, Made to Measure

Joe Bananas Linen Suits 2013

In the last couple of months, we have been bringing in a new line of Joe Bananas linen and also linen & silk suits. These suits are casual at heart, but are cut and tailored to reflect the classic and timeless mens style that Joe Bananas is famous for. Over the next month, we will be adding more of these suits to our online catalogue so that you can shop for them directly on the website.

We have also just finished shooting our lookbooks for 2013, which will showcase our new range of suits. Many thanks to our model, Dale Van Haren, and also to our photographer (Nat Cottee, Studio Artoholic). Once the dust settles, we will have it up for all to see on the website! We've attached a little sneak peak from the shoot right here.

Look out in the next week or two for the final cut!

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