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Raw Silk Jacket Inspiration

Echidnas, sometimes known as spiny anteaters, belong to the family Tachyglossidae in the monotreme order of egg-laying mammals. Evidently evolving between 20 and 50 million years ago, the echidna lives in Australia and New Guinea. The diet of some species consists of ants and termites, but they are not closely related to the true anteaters of the Americas.

The fantastic abstract herringbone weave of the ‘Echidna’ Raw Silk Jacket is as mesmerising to the eye as an ant is to the echidna, with the black and grey silk interweaving with the white to create the effect of the echidna spines. We love this jacket for its understated style - not to mention its endearing appeal.

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100% Handwoven
Raw Silk Jacket

Lining: 100% Silk
Buttons:Spanish Buffalo Horn
Weave time: 257 days
Weave yield: 32.4 yards

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